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Working Principle of Rotary Cylinder

As a pneumatic actuator, rotary cylinder generates energy conversion and power energy through air compression. How does the rotary cylinder work? What is its structure? What's the working principle? Pneumatic actuator is an energy conversion device, which converts the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy, and drives the organization to complete linear reciprocating motion, rocking, rotating motion or impact action. Pneumatic performance components are divided into cylinder and pneumatic motor. China air cylinder actuator is used to supply linear reciprocating motion or swing, output force and linear speed or swing angular displacement. The pneumatic motor is used to supply continuous reverse motion, output torque and speed. Pneumatic control elements are used to regulate the pressure, flow and direction of compressed air to ensure that the performing organization operates normally according to the prescribed procedures. Pneumatic control elements can be divided into pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve according to their functions. Working Principle of Rotary Cylinder 1. Typical Structure and Working Principle of Cylinder Taking the single piston rod double acting cylinder which is most commonly used in pneumatic system as an example, China air cylinder actuator is composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod, front end cover, back end cover and sealing parts. The inside of the double acting cylinder is divided into two chambers by the piston. The cavity with piston rod is called rod cavity, and the cavity without piston rod is called rod cavity. When compressed air is input from the rodless chamber, the rod chamber exhausts, and the pressure difference between the two chambers of the cylinder acts on the piston to overcome the resistance load and push the piston to move, so that the piston rod extends; when the rod chamber is intake and the rod chamber is exhausted, the piston rod retracts. If the rod cavity and ...
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