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Pneumatic Cylinder Suppliers

TAIXI Pneumatic Hydraulic Co.,Ltd. a professional production of Pneumatic Cylinder Suppliers, located in liushi town Wenzhou City of electric appliances in China, since the establishment of the company, has been with superb technology, excellent quality, perfect service and reasonable prices, and committed to " create world-class brand " in Albert, specializing in the production of various actuators series and related products. Company technology as guide, the ongoing technology updates, updated and adjusted on the basis of the original element series, product quality, more reliable, more beautiful appearance, performance, more stability, sought to provide the perfect implementation of components of the product to the market.
Company's quality policy is " constantly improving, make perfect products ; insist on excellence, create excellent brand " and always putting customer needs first. We know : meet user demand is a companies to enter the market, on which basis. In recent years, the company continued to introduce advanced production equipment, and gradually improved enterprise comprehensive capacity of anytime, anywhere, to provide customers with excellent products and fast and convenient service.
Today, globalization of trade, TAIXI people will take a new attitude, full of spirit of innovation of thinking concept, innovation of the management system, quality of technical innovation, based on international standards, holding the " customer first " philosophy, old and new customers hand in hand to prosperity and development of the pneumatic, create brilliant tomorrow!

What are we doing?

TAIXI Pneumatic Hydraulic Co.,Ltd. Factory is mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of Pneumatic Cylinder. At present, with the Project Department, the Technical Service Department and the New Product Research Center which all boast tremendous strength, it is capable of independently developing new flexographic Pneumatic Hydraulic. Pneumatic Hydraulic products developed in the recent years, such as high-speed chromatic flexo printing machines, high-speed cascading flexo printing machines and in-line flexo printing machines.

Exported to which countries?

Now a variety of products are exported to foreign countries, and in a number of countries to establish agents in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions can see TAIXI Pneumatic Hydraulic products. In the domestic large and medium-sized cities and business companies to establish friendly business relationship.