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Welcome to buy our products


Thank you for your attention to our company, we will provide you 24-hours's service, no matter you have purchased our products or have not purchased our products, we will provide you with the best service.

Our services include:

1, Provide product consulting services. You browse our website and products, if you have your favorite products, you can send mail or message to us, that your concern for our products, we will be the first time for you. For example, you think our cylinder products look good, but there are some places that need to be improved to your satisfaction. You can contact us and we will provide you with the best solution.

2, Provide product sales service. After you browse our products and after you communicate with us, if you are sure to buy our products, we can provide you with the purchase method and payment method. We support the transaction L / C, T / T, D / P, D / A, Wester Union, Paylpay, Alipay and other ways.

3, Provide after-sales service products. After you buy our products, we will provide you with product warranty, if our products have problems during the warranty period, we will provide you with free repair, replacement and so on.

We are one of the best manufacturers of pneumatic products in China. We produce a lot of products. Please be patient. If you are not satisfied with the information of our products in the process of purchase, please feel free to improve. We will accept in good faith .

Our company's service guidelines:

Regular visit
After-sales products to establish user files, regular visits to the user's use of the product quality tracking.

Deal with the problem in time
Timely handling of the product in the course of the quality problems and user complaints appear to help solve the use of improper maintenance and other causes of failure to identify non-human damage.

Reply within 24 hours of complaints
Within 24 hours upon receipt of a complaint from the customer within the validity period of the product, the purchaser may request a replacement. If the product is required to be replaced by the purchaser, no damage shall be caused to the appearance of the product. Accessories, product manuals and packaging are complete.

The following conditions do not belong to the swap range
Beyond the validity of the product
2. The user due to transport, equipment, use, improper tube damage;
3. Failure to do so as required by the instructions or precautions;
4. Various types of wearing parts.

About return
Conventional products from the date of shipment within one month if the customer return, the product must be unused and does not affect the resale, packaging and accessories intact, after confirmation by the company's after-sales service department, can handle the relevant formalities, All costs arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer. Returns need to ensure that the packaging and accessories intact.