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What are the ways to install and use rotary cylinders?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2019-01-09 Views : 2525

What are the advantages of the rotary cylinder in the pharmaceutical industry?

Cylinder plays a very important role in the industrial production and application. At present, there are many kinds of air cylinder actuator on the market. The rotary cylinder with lower pressure wins the favor of customers because of its small volume, large force, space saving, fast clamping speed and accurate positioning. It is basically called clamping manipulator and the piston finishes first. In a rotating stroke, the pressing arm is pressed down and rotated to the specified position and angle of the design, and then the clamping stroke is completed, that is, the straight line pressing down and clamping the workpiece.

If you cooperate with machine tools, you will get unexpected results. It can not only improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, but also reduce the cost of labor for the enterprise. It really kills many birds with one stone.

What are the ways to install and use rotary cylinders?

At present, the specialization of rotary cylinder market brings us many surprises. The classification of rotary cylinder is very extensive, mainly based on the application of different mechanical equipment to classify, rotary cylinder is one of them, its application is relatively special, only after professional technical installation, can it be put into normal. In the work. Now let's learn about the proper installation and use of rotary cylinders.

It is very important to choose the right type of rotary cylinder according to your own needs. When you order to the china air cylinder actuator manufacturer, you can take the form of spot check to check some of the goods. Try to choose some reliable, big brands, quality manufacturers, do not. Buying a product of poor quality for a bargain and using it in industrial production will delay the entire production line.

Rotary cylinder must be properly handled before use. First of all, we must check whether the rotating cylinder is damaged and whether it is loose in the bolted connection. This greatly reduces the trouble of installation.

In the process of installation, the piston rod of the china air cylinder actuator can not bear the external force overload, nor can it deviate from the direction, it must be in line with the direction of piston axis.

Installation forms are varied, but no matter what type of installation, it is necessary to ensure that the rotary cylinder angle does not deform. Deformed rotary cylinders are unusable. The connection can not take the form of welding, which can not guarantee the long-term use of the cylinder block.

In the process of horizontal installation of rotary air cylinder actuator, attention should be paid to the horizontal angle, and the angle which is more conducive to inspection and maintenance should be selected. The three parts of the piston rod should be kept in balance.

Before the use of china air cylinder actuator, the main link is to adjust, the first job is to adjust the speed, speed control valve, can not float too large, to take the form of fine-tuning. Initially the control valve is not easy to open too large, there must be a buffer process, so that the inertia of the piston energy is fully absorbed.

After rotary cylinder is installed, it will be put into normal work. The work of the rotary cylinder is mainly a process of pressure into power. In the operating pressure range, try 2-3 times to ensure that the rotary cylinder can work normally and exert pressure.

Buffer belt is a commonly used auxiliary device in rotating cylinder. It should be used before working. Adjust the adjustment band to a smaller position of resistance. After the air cylinder actuator is put into normal operation, the resistance of the cushion is increased until it is adjusted to a suitable position.

When all the procedures are completed, the bolts and connections in place of the addition of lubricant, which can play a buffer resistance, reduce friction, extend the mechanical life of the role.