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Failure analysis of air cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2019-01-16 Views : 3637

Because rodless cylinder is widely used and used with high frequency, when it is used to a certain extent, it may seize action failure, which is one of the common problems.

If the OSP Rodless Cylinder fails to work, the power can not keep up with the image, the small edition here will be one by one on the action of the failure of the image to do a brief description.

The reasons for frequent failures are:

1. The spool is stuck or the valve hole is blocked: If the flow valve or the direction valve spool is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, the cylinder at this time is more prone to malfunction or malfunction.
If such a situation should be timely check whether the oil is contaminated; check whether there is dirt or colloidal sediment caught in the valve spool resulting in blocking valve holes; and check the body wear to what extent.

2. Hydraulic system presents the condition that the control pressure is too low: if this kind of situation is presented, no matter how to operate the cylinder, it will not seize action or may act very small.
Then check the piston and piston rod seal is not too tight, and see if there is dirt or colloid deposits: check the piston rod and cylinder axis line is not aligned, vulnerable parts and seals are intact.

Some problems should be noticed when the cylinder is used. If these problems are well noticed, the service performance and life of the OSP Rodless Cylinder can be greatly improved, otherwise, the normal operation of the pneumatic cylinder may be affected. When using pneumatic cylinders, we should pay attention to the following areas:

1. Air cylinder actuator should be avoided long-term use, if for some reason long-term idle, should also be started regularly for empty operation, so that its various parts can be fully lubricated, so as to avoid rust on the working surface, affecting the normal work after.
2. The pneumatic cylinder must be operated repeatedly with low pressure (greater than starting pressure) before working, and the air in the pneumatic cylinder can be exhausted before it can work normally. The oil inlet and outlet must be fastened with a combination cushion to prevent oil leakage.
3. In order to ensure the service life of air cylinder actuator, no impurities or stolen goods should be mixed in the medium used, so as to avoid scratching the inner arm of cylinder, causing damage to the sealing parts and causing leakage in air cylinder actuator. Require the system filtration accuracy is not less than 80 micron, strictly control oil pollution, keep hydraulic oil clean, periodically check the performance of hydraulic oil, and necessary fine filtration or replacement of new working hydraulic oil.
4. Before disassembly, the system should be unloaded, the loop pressure is zero, cut off the oil source, loosen the nozzle piping and plug the nozzle.
5. The determination and selection of cylinder diameter, rod diameter and working pressure of OSP Rodless Cylinder must consider the pressure of the pressure source of hydraulic system and the pressure loss of the system. The control and adjustment of the pressure are determined by the pressure regulating valve of the hydraulic system.
6. Installation must ensure that the direction of the connecting head of the piston rod top should be the same as the direction of the cylinder head, Earrings (or intermediate hinge shaft), and ensure the straightness of the whole piston rod in the process of retreat, to prevent rigid interference, causing unnecessary damage.