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Practical Application of Cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2019-01-02 Views : 2376

Practical Application of Cylinder

Cylinders will effectively choose the stroke of the cylinder according to its movement distance. If it needs to be pressed, it will generally eat 3-5mm, and then choose the installation you need according to the installation mode, which is corner seat, flange or Earring installation. It's better to choose whether the auxiliary parts such as stroke detection switch are needed or not. The main data of cylinder are cylinder diameter and stroke.

There are many factors affecting the force of the air cylinder actuator when it works. The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cylinder affects it. At the same time, the cylinder also bears the reaction force of the static part when the steam flows out of the cylinder. So special attention should be paid to the selection of the cylinder. If the appropriate cylinder is not selected, not only the equipment may be damaged, but also the work may be delayed.

The inner diameter of cylinder barrel represents the output force of cylinder. In the process of operation, the piston should make smooth reciprocating sliding in cylinder barrel, and the surface roughness of cylinder inner surface should reach Ra0.8um. Hard chromium should also be plated on the inner surface of steel tube cylinder to reduce friction and wear, and to prevent rust. Cylinder material is made of high strength aluminum alloy and brass in addition to high carbon steel pipe. Small air cylinder actuator are made of stainless steel tubes. Cylinders with magnetic switches or those used in corrosion-resistant environments should be made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy or brass.

Cylinder plays a very important role in our modern production. Its advantages such as large output force, low requirements for users and strong adaptability are the important reasons why users like it. I believe that this kind of product will continue to progress in the future and play a more important role in human development and progress.

Cylinder in operation mainly uses its high-tech reverse dialysis membrane to filter the moisture in compressed air. The air cylinder actuator has the characteristics of long life, energy saving, small size, high reliability and light weight. It is very suitable for the occasion of low flow rate, and it is more and more suitable for working requirements.

There will be magnetism inside the cylinder itself. The magnetic switch is installed outside to control the solenoid valve and the stroke. When operating, it can be directly used to change the stroke of mechanical lever mechanism. Installing sleeve on cylinder shaft can reduce the stroke of cylinder, install stroke switch, control solenoid valve and adjust the stroke at will.

JB cylinder will effectively select the correct type of China air cylinder actuator according to its working requirements and conditions during operation. To some extent, it is required that the cushion cylinder should be selected when the cylinder reaches its stroke terminal without impact phenomenon and impact noise. Light weight is required, light cylinder should be selected, installation space should be narrow and travel should be short, thin cylinder can be selected.

Installation Form of JB Cylinder
JB China air cylinder actuator will be effective according to its installation position, its purpose and other factors when it is in use. Generally, it will be effective to use its fixed cylinder. When it needs to rotate continuously with the working mechanism, it should be effective to select rotary cylinder. When the piston rod is required to move in a straight line, it also needs to swing in an arc, it should choose pin cylinder. When there are special requirements, the corresponding special cylinder should be selected.
Magnetically controlled stroke switch realizes automatic reciprocating motion of China air cylinder actuator. In addition to the aluminium special-shaped tube cylinder with standard specifications, you can also have the aluminium tube cylinder with furnace body tension device.