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What do you know about the precautions for the use of standard cylinders?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-12-26 Views : 5338

1. Standard cylinder requirements for the use environment
In places where there is a lot of dust, water droplets and oil droplets, the rod side should be equipped with a telescopic protective cover. Where a telescopic protective cover cannot be used, a cylinder with a strong dust ring or a waterproof air cylinder actuator should be used. The ambient temperature and medium temperature of the cylinder should be antifreeze or heat resistant if it exceeds -10~60°C with the magnetic switch.
In a strong magnetic field environment, a cylinder with an automatic switch that is resistant to strong magnetic fields should be used.
Standard cylinders must not be used in corrosive mists or in mists where a seal ring is used.
2. Requirements for air quality
Use clean, dry compressed air. The air should not contain synthetic oil, salt, corrosive gas, etc. of the machine solvent, in order to prevent the cylinder and valve from malfunctioning. Before installation, the connection piping should be thoroughly purged. Do not bring impurities such as dust, chips, and sealed bags into the cylinder or valve.
3. About the load of the cylinder
The piston rod is usually only capable of withstanding axial loads. Avoid applying lateral loads and eccentric loads on the piston rod. When there is a lateral load, a guide should be added to the piston rod, or a cylinder with a guide rod should be used.
When the load direction changes, a floating joint is recommended for the front end of the piston rod and the load. This way there will be no other phenomena in any position of the trip.
When the
air cylinder actuator is stressed, the mounting table of the cylinder should have measures to prevent looseness, deformation and damage.
4. About the lubrication of standard cylinders
For oil-lubricated cylinders, an oil mister with a suitable flow rate should be provided.
The oil cylinder is not lubricated, and the grease is pre-filled in the cylinder for long-term use. This type of cylinder can also be used for oil, but once oil is supplied, it is no longer possible to stop the oil supply. what is the reason? Please contact this site. Turbine oil No. 1 (ISO VG32) should be used for oil supply. Oil, spindle oil, etc. should not be used to prevent the expansion of NBR and other seals.
5. About the installation of standard cylinders
When installing a fixed
air cylinder actuator, the axis of the load and the piston rod should be the same. When installing earrings or trunnion cylinders, ensure that the swinging plane of the cylinder and the load swing in one plane.
6, the speed adjustment of the cylinder
When the speed control valve is used to adjust the speed of the China air cylinder actuator, the throttle valve should be gradually opened from the fully closed state to the desired speed. The number of adjustment turns does not exceed the number of large turns. After the adjustment is completed, the lock nut is locked.
7, long stroke standard cylinder
Appropriate intermediate support should be provided when the cylinder exceeds the large standard stroke.
8, high-speed movement of the
China air cylinder actuator
For high-speed moving cylinders, the load ratio should be reduced and the impedance of charging and exhausting should be reduced.
9, standard cylinder buffer
When the cylinder's kinetic energy cannot be fully absorbed by the cylinder itself, a buffer mechanism (such as a hydraulic damper) or a design buffer circuit should be added externally.
10. About the automatic operation of the cylinder
Automatically operated devices, in the mechanism or the circuit, must have countermeasures against personal and device damage caused by misoperation and cylinder cycle.
China air cylinder actuator for low speed movement
Due to the small flow rate, speed control and oil mist lubrication are difficult, if the size of the original is still not enough, the gas-liquid converter or gas-liquid damping cylinder can be used.
12. About security measures
Cylinders with high frequency operation, the cylinder temperature is high, do not touch.
For cylinders that stop midway, pay attention to the possibility of accidents due to movement of air leaks.
The driven object should be covered with a protective cover and cannot be in direct contact with the human body.
When the cylinder is subjected to an impact action, a device in which the hand and foot are not caught must be designed between the driving member and the fixing member.