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Adaptability and Electrical Control of Cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-12-30 Views : 1884

In the process of using the cylinder, the requirement for its users is relatively low, and the cylinder is easy to install and maintain when operating, so the requirement for users is not high, so the cylinder is different, engineers must have certain electrical knowledge, otherwise it is very likely to be damaged by misoperation.

The output force of the air cylinder actuator is large. The output force of the cylinder is proportional to the flattening of the cylinder diameter when it is operated. The output force of the cylinder head and the cylinder diameter, the power of the motor and the pitch of the screw rod increase with the increase of the cylinder diameter and power and the decrease of the pitch. A cylinder with a diameter of 50mm can theoretically output up to 2000N. For cylinders with the same diameter, although the products of different companies are different, they are basically not more than 1000N. Obviously, the China air cylinder actuator has more advantages in output force.

The adaptability of the air cylinder actuator is very strong. In the process of operation, the cylinder can work normally in high and low temperature environment. To a certain extent, it has the ability of dust-proof and waterproof, and can adapt to various harsh environments. Because of the large number of electrical components, the electric cylinder has higher requirements for the environment and poor adaptability.

Advantages of Cylinder

1. Load large, can adapt to the application of high torque output (but now the electric actuator has gradually reached the current pneumatic load level).
2. Quick action and quick reaction.
3. Good adaptability to working environment, especially in flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetic, radiation and vibration working environment, superior to hydraulic, electronic and electrical control.
4. The motor is easily damaged when the stroke is blocked or the valve stem is tied.

Main points of cylinder selection.

In the process of operation, the China air cylinder actuator will effectively determine the load F and load rate according to the load state and the blocking motion state of the cylinder, and then determine the use pressure P according to the principle that the use pressure should be less than 85% of the air source pressure. For single-acting cylinder, the ratio of rod diameter to cylinder diameter is 0.5, and for double-acting cylinder, the ratio of rod diameter to cylinder diameter is 0.3-0.4. According to the formula, the cylinder diameter D can be obtained, and the D value can be standardized. If D size is too large, mechanical expansion mechanism can be used.

The air cylinder actuator is the shell of the steam turbine in the course of its operation. The main function of the cylinder is to separate the flow passage part of the steam turbine from the atmosphere, so as to ensure that its steam can complete its work process in the steam turbine. In addition, it also supports some stationary parts of the steam turbine (diaphragm, nozzle chamber, steam seal sleeve, etc.) and bears their weight, as well as the weight along the cylinder axis. Thermal stress caused by uneven distribution of radial and radial temperature.

Cylinder is a cylindrical metal part that guides the piston to move in a straight line reciprocating motion in the China air cylinder actuator. Its working substance transforms heat energy into mechanical energy through expansion in the cylinder of the engine. Gas receives compression from the piston in the cylinder of the compressor to increase pressure. Shells of turbines, rotary piston engines, etc. are often referred to as "cylinders". Cylinder applications: printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding), automation control, robots and so on.