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Application introduction of rodless cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-12-28 Views : 1885

Application introduction of rodless cylinder
One concept, three options - about piston type OSP Rodless Cylinder with guide plates
Today we are able to provide a complete solution to the problem of slider illusion. Designed for reliability, high performance, easy operation and engineering optimization.
The cylinders in the center of the system have a universal aluminum surface with dovetail slots on three sides for mounting brackets, rails, etc. This is the main component of the system and all modular options are directly connected.
● Pneumatic drive - for versatility and ease of use, combining simple control with high performance; reciprocating motion and single mobile/transfer applications for ideal point-to-point operation.
● Electric screw drive force, accurate path and position control.
Electric timing belt drive - for high speed, accurate path and position control and longer travel.
● Different guide rails are suitable for various accurate positioning situations.
● Compact design, easy to install and update.
● Valves and accessories of
OSP Rodless Cylinder can be assembled directly to the drive system.
● The variety of installation methods ensures the flexibility of its overall installation. OSP-P control instance
In the application of the end of the control stroke, the intermediate position can also be achieved, two 3/2 valves (normally open), controlling the cylinder. The speed of air cylinder actuator can be adjusted separately in both directions.
In applications where the end of the stroke is controlled, the intermediate position is also achievable, using a 5/3 valve (central pressurization) to control the cylinder, which adjusts the speed in both directions.
Fast/low speed cycle control with pneumatic brakes for accurate positioning at high speeds. The 3/2 solenoid valve and the adjustable throttle valve at the exhaust of the standard directional control valve produce two replacement speeds in both directions of piston motion. The valve controls the brake to start at the low speed cycle.
OSP-P application example
OSP Rodless Cylinder offer great flexibility for a wide range of applications.
● The piston's city load capacity can cope with high bending forces without additional rails.
● OSP-P mechanical design allows two
air cylinder actuator to operate synchronously.
● U-shaped installation can compensate for the equality deviation when using external guide rails.
● Integrated rails provide ultra-ideal applications in applications that require high performance, ease of assembly, and freedom of movement.
● Combined with multi-axis
air cylinder actuator to optimize system performance.
Application areas: silk pad printing machine, spraying equipment, flying knife cutting device, feeder, blow molding machine, plastic machine, woven bag cutting, automatic dispensing machine, packaging machinery, rubber machinery, fur machinery, boring machine, no Textile cutting, wave soldering machines and other industries.