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Other Valves

  • Digital Pressure Controller YZ-S8/B8/S9/B9

    YZ Digital Pressure Controller is a high-precision intelligent pressure gauge integrating pressure measurement, display and control. 

    Accuracy: 0.5%FS
    Power Supply: 2VDC 24VDC 220VAC 380VAC
    Material: Watchcase: engineering plastics; Joint: 304 stainless steel
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  • Vacuum Filter ZFC

    Small size and light weight, Quick change joint type, convenient and quick to configure, the filter element can be replaced.

    Flow (L/min): 10,20,30,50
    Working Medium: Air / nitrogen
    Operating Pressure: -100~0kPa
    Filtration Accuracy: 10μm
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  • Booster Relay IL100

    IL100-02 pneumatic Booster Relay is an auxiliary device, it is actually a pneumatic power amplifier installed in the air path to the actuator to receive the pressure signal at the positioner outlet

    Operating Pressure: Max: 0.9MPa
    Rated Flow: 600e/min
    Linearity: 1%
    Environment and fluid temperature: -5~60℃
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  • Lockout Valve IL200

    Lockout Valve is an instrument auxiliary device. When the compressed gas source fails to stop gas supply, the valve control passage is cut off by the lockout valve to maintain the valve position before the gas is cut off.

    Operating Pressure: Max: 0.7MPa
    Effective Sectional Area: 17mm²
    Ambient and Fluid Temp: -5~60℃
    Port Size: G1/4
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  • Pressure Controller PS10

    PS10 Pressure Controller is used to regulate the pressure in the air compressor cylinder to operate between two preset pressure values (up to 175 PSI).

    Port Standard: NPT1/4
    Max breaking pressure (kfg/cm²):7.0~12.5
    Rated voltage / current: 120V-20A;240V-12A
    Base Hole: 1,4
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  • Vacuum Generator SCV/CCV

    Vacuum generator is a new, clean, economical, and small vacuum component that uses a positive pressure source to generate negative pressure.

    Port Size: G1/8,Φ6,G1/4,Φ8,G1/4,Φ8,G3/8,G1/2
    Operating Pressure MPa: 0.5
    Air consumption L/min: 13,44,100,180,265,385
    Ambient Temp: -5~60℃
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  • Diaphragm Adjustable Pressure Switch QPM/QPF

    Port Size:PT1/8
    Operating Pressure: 0.1~1.0MPa
    Ambient and Fluid Temp.: -5~60℃
    Operating Voltage: 220V/AC, 48V/AC, DC
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  • Single Pressure Control SNS

    It is not only used in freon-based refrigerants, but also for air and liquids: (allow liquid temperature: -10~+120°C); Multi-point contact conversion function

    Max. Operating Pressure (MPa): 4.0
    Adjusting Range (MPa): -50cm Hg~3.0
    allow liquid temperature: -10~+120°C
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  • Time Delay Directional Valve XQ

    XQ Time-delay Directional Valve reversing valve is a kind of pneumatic operated directional valve that controls the time-delay reversing time.

    Operating pressure range: 0.2-1.0MPa
    Switching time: 30ms
    Medium temperature: -10+60℃
    Ambient temperature: 5-60℃
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