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Custom Pneumatic Actuators

TAIXI ELECTRIC as an important China Cylinder Manufacturer, in addition to the main types, other cylinders are also produced. We customize various non-standard cylinders for automation equipment. Other cylinders are also widely used in packaging, printing, plastic cement, filling, ultrasonic, medical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, welding machines, construction, machine tools, sewing, metallurgy, automotive, electronics, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries, Other cylinders can be high-quality applications in different mechanical products.
  • Custom Airtac ACK Rotary Clamp Cylinder

    The cylinder surface of the ACK Rotary Clamp Cylinder is fully hard oxidized, and the appearance is more resistant to corrosion; The cylinder is strong and durable: the cylinder is fully reinforced and durable.

    Bore: 25, 32, 40, 50, 63mm
    Motion Pattern: Double-acting
    Operating pressure: 0.15~1.0MPa
    Piston speed: 30~300mm/s
    Ambient and fluid temperature: -20~+80°C
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