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Pneumatic PU Pipe

PU Pipe is the English abbreviation of POLYURETHANE TUBING. PU Pipe is the preferred pneumatic pressure hose for the pneumatic industry. 

Port Size: 1/8",1/4",3/8",3/8",1/2"

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Overview for Pneumatic PU Pipe

PU Pipe is the English abbreviation of POLYURETHANE TUBING. PU Pipe is the preferred pneumatic pressure hose for the pneumatic industry. PU Pipe is divided into polyester PU tube and polyether PU Pipe according to materials; According to the use requirements and appellation, PU tube is divided into PU air pressure hose, PU Pipe yarn reinforcement tube, PU industrial hose, PU steel wire telescopic tube, PU helical tube, PU telescopic tube, PU spring tube, PU yarn tube, PU braided tube, PU reticulated tube, PU single tube, PU straight tube. Properties of PU tube
○ The transparent tube has a high transparency, and the state of the medium flow is clearly visible.
○ Made of high resilience polyurethane raw material; makes the pneumatic tube have a small bending radius and is easier to install.
○ The yellowing resistance is above grade 3 and it is not easy to turn yellow.
○The color tube adopts imported weather-resistant toner, and the color tube is standard and bright, and can work for a long time without fading.
○The online pipe diameter control system is adopted, and the tolerance of the pipe diameter is controlled within △±0.12mm.
○ Made of 100% high physical plastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU), it can be used under constant working pressure and has a longer service life.
○ SGS certification and ROHS certification.

Use And Characteristics for Pneumatic PU Pipe

PU Pipe is suitable for liquid transportation under the general working pressure in industry, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fishery, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other fields. Such as: pneumatic pipe, hydraulic pipe, garden water pipe, oil pipeline, water pipeline, oil exploration pipe, sandblasting pipe, peristaltic pump hose, etc.

Characteristics of Pneumatic PU Pipe

1. Good oil resistance, 15-20 times the oil resistance of NR;
2. Good wear resistance, 30-50 times the wear resistance of NR;
3. Good aging resistance, 5 times the aging resistance of NR;
4. The tear strength is 3 times that of NR;
5. With high elasticity, high elongation, high strength;
6. Good damping performance, smooth inner wall, low liquid resistance and less hydraulic loss;
7. Beautiful appearance, hose bending radius is small, non-toxic and tasteless, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, light and flexible, its weight is 30 to 70 percent of rubber hose;
8. Good flame retardancy, non-toxic and tasteless. Impact resistant, fatigue resistant, safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters for Pneumatic PU Pipe

Port Size: 1/8",1/4",3/8",3/8",1/2"

Ordering Code for PU Pipe

Application Range for PU Pipe

Suitable for machine tools, hydraulic machinery, CNC machine tools, and equipped with oil and water cooling system, the product is assembled by hand, can arbitrarily adjust the use length, nozzle diameter, round-flat interchange, direction can be freely interchangeable, and has a beautiful appearance, large amount of oil, not conductive, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics.

Technical Parameter for Pneumatic PU Pipe

Model OEL-01 OEL-02 OEL-03 Mini OEL-03 Big OEL-04
Type Round, Flat
Port Size 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 3/8" 1/2"


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