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The development prospect of air cylinder actuator is promising

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-12-05 Views : 43

Air cylinder actuator is one of the most important components of pneumatic components. In order to ensure that the cylinder can be used normally and avoid unnecessary conditions, let's look at the use of air cylinder actuator.

When using the cylinder, the air quality requirements are very high, to use clean and dry compressed air, the air must not contain organic solvents, synthetic oil, salt, and corrosive gases, etc., in order to prevent the cylinder, valve action is not good. Before installation and connection pipes should be fully blown and washed, do not dust, chips, fragments of sealing belt and other impurities into the cylinder valve. In dusty places with water droplets and oil droplets, the rod side should be equipped with a telescopic protective cover. When installation, do not appear twisting state. If you can not use telescopic protective cover, you should choose a cylinder or a waterproof cylinder with a strong dustproof ring.

Air cylinder actuator are used for the same purpose as electric tools, and even more convenient than electric tools, it has the characteristics of small and exquisite fuselage, long life, high safety, and more energy-saving.

With more and more operators moving towards the brand management line, some famous and excellent products at home and abroad have been introduced to meet the needs of different consumers. Pneumatic tools are one of them. Pneumatic tools are better than electric tools in terms of manufacturing technology, material quality and measurement control. Pneumatic tools, like electronics, electrical appliances and hydraulic pressure, are one of the most effective technologies in production process automation, and are widely used in various parts.

Although the research and application of manufacturing industry and pneumatic technology started late in China, it has made great progress in the past decade. Because China air cylinder actuator have the characteristics of high quality, high speed, high output force and high precision, pneumatic technology is quickly popularized and applied to various industrial sectors, and has shown significant benefits in production. With the development trend of mechatronics technology, in order to make the pneumatic system of Mechatronics composed of microcomputer, remote controller and cylinder, the China air cylinder actuator are developing towards low power, miniaturization and lightweight.

The rapid development of China's pneumatic system has also led to the development of pneumatic tools. More and more businessmen are optimistic about the market of pneumatic tools. On the one hand, its technical requirements are higher. Most of the products were imported from the United States, Germany and Japan. Most of the products in the hardware city market are made in Taiwan. Now with the development of domestic production technology, some enterprises in Wenzhou and Shanghai have launched pneumatic tools. The use of China air cylinder actuator is also gradually expanding, coastal provinces and cities in the assembly industry, machinery, transport industry and scooters, electric bicycles, motorcycle assembly and car repair plants and some assembly line homework enterprises and manufacturers have used pneumatic tools.

At present, the specifications of air cylinder actuator in China are quite complete, such as pneumatic chisel, gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc. These pneumatic tools are also widely used in places where power tools are not convenient to use, such as woodworking, lock making, gas stations, chemical industries and so on. Thus, with the continuous progress of domestic production technology, the development of pneumatic tools will be more and more broad road!