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The difference between slide cylinder and rodless cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-30 Views : 38

Cylinder is the most common pneumatic product in modern industrial production. There are many styles of cylinder, such as rodless cylinder, circular cylinder, slider cylinder and so on. Among the common cylinders, there is a certain difference between the slider cylinder and the rodless cylinder, which is a question often asked by many users.

Now let's briefly analyze this problem for readers'reference. The piston of the sliding platform cylinder is fixed on the piston rod. The two ends of the piston rod contain plates which can be firmly fixed on the platform. The sliding platform on the sliding platform moves on the piston rod.

The OSP Rodless Cylinder has no piston rod, and its action is to move through the piston ventilation inside the cylinder while driving the external platform.

The OSP Rodless Cylinder can be divided into two types: magnetic coupling type and mechanical type. The magnetic coupling rodless cylinder works on the magnetic coupling driving platform, while the mechanical rodless cylinder works on the sealing belt driving platform. The mechanical rodless cylinder works on the platform driven by the sealing belt, the sealing belt works for a long time, and there is wear and tear between the sealing belt and the cylinder block, which will lead to air leakage, so its sealing performance is worse than that of the magnetic couple OSP Rodless Cylinder. In the mechanical design of high precision and long life, the design engineer often prefers the magnetic couple rodless cylinder.

When mechanical engineers design pneumatic systems, they can make better use of their strengths by understanding the different characteristics of slide cylinder and rodless cylinder.

How to choose the air cylinder actuator?

1. Type: Choose the type according to the operation form.
Cylinder operation mode has two functions, single-acting spring pressing and single-acting spring pressing.
When choosing the air cylinder actuator type, usually double-acting cylinder will be chosen. Nowadays, double-acting cylinder is the most used. Single-acting cylinder is not used in many places, but more in blocking cylinder.
2. Cylinder Diameter: According to the relevant load, the use of pressure and direction of action to determine.
3. Travel: Determine the moving distance of the work. Considering the working conditions, you can choose full and reserved travel.
Travel course measurements show that, generally, if it is pressed or held against the workpiece, do not choose a full journey, you can leave the journey about 10 mm longer. If it is pushed to a certain location, you can choose a full journey, but with buffering.
4. Series: Choose cylinder series, standard cylinder, Mini cylinder, thin cylinder, rodless cylinder, three-axis cylinder, double-axis cylinder, pneumatic finger, swing cylinder and other air cylinder actuator according to the characteristics and conditions.
5. Buffer: no buffer, air buffer, rubber buffer, hydraulic buffer.
6. Magnetic induction switch: The main detection cylinder piston stroke, need to detect the piston, and to stop the position, you can choose magnetic induction switch, generally choose two.
7. Installation methods: front and rear flanges, scaffolds, single and double suspension ears, middle hinged shaft type and so on, according to the installation considerations.