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Composition of FESTO cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-28 Views : 61

FESTO cylinder is a pneumatic actuator which converts the pressure energy of compressed gas into mechanical energy through pneumatic transmission. Generally, FESTO ADVU Cylinder, such as printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding), automatic control and robot, are composed of cylinder barrel, end cap, piston, piston rod and seal.

The inner diameter of FESTO ADVU Cylinder barrel represents the output force of the cylinder. The piston should make smooth reciprocating sliding in the cylinder, and the surface roughness of the inner surface of the air cylinder actuator should reach Ra0.8um. Hard chromium should also be plated on the inner surface of steel tube cylinder to reduce friction and wear, and to prevent rust. Cylinder material is made of high strength aluminum alloy and brass in addition to high carbon steel pipe. Small cylinders are made of stainless steel tubes. Cylinders with magnetic switches or those used in corrosion-resistant environments should be made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy or brass. The piston of FESTO cylinder cylinder adopts combined sealing ring to realize bidirectional sealing. The piston and piston rod are riveted by riveting without nuts. FESTO cylinder head is provided with intake and exhaust ports, and some are also provided with buffer mechanism in the end cap. The end cap of the rod side is provided with a sealing ring and a dust-proof ring to prevent air leakage from the piston rod and dust mixing from the outside into the cylinder. A guide sleeve is arranged on the side cover of the rod to improve the guiding accuracy of the air cylinder actuator, bear a small amount of transverse load on the piston rod, reduce the downward bending of the piston rod when it extends, and prolong the service life of the cylinder.

The guide sleeve is usually made of sintered oil-bearing alloy and forward-inclined copper castings. In the past, malleable cast iron was commonly used for end caps. Now, in order to reduce weight and prevent rust, aluminum alloy die casting is often used. Brass material is used for micro cylinders. FESTO cylinder piston is a pressurized part in the air cylinder actuator. In order to prevent the piston left and right cavities from channeling each other, a piston sealing ring is provided. The wear-resistant ring on piston can improve the directivity of cylinder, reduce the wear of piston sealing ring and reduce friction resistance. The wear-resistant ring length is made of polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene and cloth synthetic resin. The width of the piston is determined by the size of the sealing ring and the length of the necessary sliding part. The sliding part is too short to cause early wear and stuck. Pistons are usually made of aluminium alloy and cast iron. Pistons of small cylinders are made of brass. FESTO cylinder piston rod is the most important force component in the cylinder. Usually high carbon steel is used, the surface is hard chromium plated, or stainless steel is used to prevent corrosion and improve the wear resistance of the sealing ring. FESTO cylinder seals: The parts seals at the rotating or reciprocating motion are called dynamic seals, and the seals at the stationary parts are called static seals.

The FESTO ADVU Cylinder determines the thrust and pull force on the piston rod according to the magnitude of the force required. Therefore, when choosing the cylinder, the output force of the cylinder should have a little margin. If the cylinder diameter is small, the output force is insufficient, the cylinder can not work properly; but if the cylinder diameter is too large, not only makes the equipment heavy, high cost, but also increases the gas consumption, resulting in energy waste. In fixture design, force amplifier should be used as far as possible to reduce the size of cylinder.