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Installation method of slide cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-21 Views : 58

1. Free installation means that the cylinder body is fixed by screwing the threads inside the cylinder block into the mechanical body without installing accessories, or by using the threads outside the cylinder block and using nuts to fix the air cylinder actuator on the machine, or by screwing the screw holes in the end cap to fix the machine.

2. Scaffold mounting method, expressed by LB, refers to a L-type mounting scaffold with screw holes at the front end cover for installation and fixation. The mounting scaffold can withstand large overturning moment, and can be used in situations where the direction of load movement is consistent with the axis of the piston rod.

3. Flange type installation can be divided into front flange type and back flange type. Front flange type uses flange and screw to fix air cylinder actuator at front end cover. Back flange type refers to installing flange at back end cover and using screw to fix it. It is also suitable for situations where the direction of load movement is consistent with the axis of piston rod.

4. Earrings can be divided into single-ear and double-ear types. They refer to the cylinders with pin holes in the vertical direction of piston rod axis. The loads and China air cylinder actuator can swing around the pin axis. The larger the swing angle is, the larger the transverse load that the piston rod will bear.

About cylinder lubrication

Oil lubricated cylinders should be equipped with suitable oil mist.

Do not lubricate the air cylinder actuator with oil, because the grease is added in the cylinder, it can be used for a long time. This kind of cylinder can also be used for oil, but once the oil is supplied, no more oil can be stopped.

Turbine oil No. 1 (ISO VG32) should be used for oil supply, and no engine oil, spindle oil, etc. should be used in order to avoid the swelling of seals such as NBR.

About the load of China air cylinder actuator

The piston rod usually can only bear axial load. Lateral loads and eccentric loads should be avoided on the piston rod. When transverse load is applied, guide device should be added on the piston rod, or cylinder with guide rod should be selected.

When the load direction changes, the floating rod is preferably used for the front end of the piston rod and the load. In this way, there will be no strength in any position of the trip.

When the China air cylinder actuator is loaded, the installation platform of the cylinder must have measures to prevent loosening, deformation and damage.