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What is the installation and use of the rodless cylinder?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-19 Views : 61

What is the installation and use of general rodless cylinders?

Before using the rodless cylinder, it must be properly handled. First, we need to check whether the air cylinder actuator is damaged and whether the bolt connection is loosened, which greatly reduces the installation trouble. In the process of installation, the piston rod of the cylinder can not bear the external force, nor can it deviate in direction. It must be consistent with the axis direction of the piston. The buffer belt is an auxiliary device commonly used in the corner cylinder. It should be used before working. Adjust the adjustment band to a smaller position of resistance. After the cylinder is put into normal operation, increase the resistance of the buffer until it is adjusted to the right position.

Installation forms are various, but no matter what kind of installation methods, it is necessary to ensure that the rotary cylinder does not deform. Deformed cylinders can not be used. The connection can not take the form of welding, which can not guarantee the long-term use of the cylinder block. In the process of installing angle cylinder horizontally, we should pay attention to the horizontal angle and choose the angle which is more conducive to inspection and maintenance. The three parts of the piston rod should be kept in balance.

Before the use of OSP Rodless Cylinder, an important link is to adjust, the first job is to adjust the speed, speed control valve, can not float too large, to take the form of fine-tuning. At the beginning, the control valve is not easy to open too large, so there must be a buffer process, so that the inertia energy of the piston can be fully absorbed. After the cylinder is installed, it will be put into normal work. Cylinder work is mainly a process of pressure into power. Within the operating pressure range, it is necessary to try 2 to 3 times without pressure to ensure that the cylinder can work normally and exert pressure.

Classification of rodless cylinders

The OSP Rodless Cylinder is divided into magnetic couple rod less cylinder and mechanical contact rod less cylinder. The rodless cylinder refers to the cylinder which connects the external machinery directly or by way of piston and makes it follow the piston to achieve reciprocating motion. The advantage of this kind of cylinder is to save installation space.

(1) Magnetic couple rodless cylinder: the piston moves through the magnetic force to move the moving body outside the air cylinder actuator body synchronously. Its working principle: a set of high-strength magnetic rings are installed on the piston. The magnetic force line acts on another set of magnetic rings which are sleeved outside through a thin-walled cylinder. Because the magnetic properties of the two sets of magnetic rings are opposite, they have strong attraction. When the piston is pushed by air pressure in the cylinder, the magnetic ring sleeve outside the cylinder moves together under the action of magnetic force. The thrust of the cylinder piston must be compatible with the suction of the magnetic ring.

(2) Mechanical contact rod less cylinder
A groove is arranged on the cylinder head axially, and the piston and the slide block move on the upper part of the groove. In order to prevent leakage and dust, stainless steel seals and dust-proof stainless steel belts are used at the opening to fix on the air cylinder actuator heads at both ends. The piston frame passes through the groove and connects the piston with the slider. The piston is connected with the slide block to drive the actuator fixed on the slide block to realize reciprocating motion.

Characteristics of rod less cylinder:
1. Compared with ordinary cylinders, it can be reduced under the same stroke.
2. Do not need to set up anti rotation machinery;
3. Suitable for cylinder bore 10-80mm, with a stroke of 41.5m.
4. Speed 10m/s

Shortcoming of OSP Rodless Cylinder:
1. Poor sealing performance, easy to produce leakage. When using three position valve, medium pressure shall be chosen.
2. The load capacity is small, in order to increase the load capacity, we must increase the guiding machinery.