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Structure principle of mini cylinder

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-15 Views : 65

With the rapid development of automation technology, the market demand for cylinders is also growing, and people's requirements for cylinders are becoming higher and higher. In order to adapt to different places of use, people have extended the design of rodless cylinders, mini-cylinders, rotary cylinders and other different types of cylinders on the basis of standard cylinders. Among them, the existence of stainless steel mini-cylinders has made outstanding contributions to the manufacture of various small machinery.

The structure of the mini air cylinder actuator: front cover, back cover, cylinder, piston and piston rod.

Mini cylinder is widely known and common as a pneumatic component used in the machinery industry. It uses air compressor as power source and compressed air as working medium, and then achieves energy transmission or signal transmission, thus realizing various production control and automatic control.

Mini cylinder includes front cover, back cover, cylinder, piston and piston rod. The front cover and back cover are respectively arranged at two ends of cylinder cylinder. The piston adapter is arranged between the front cover and the back cover. The piston rod is arranged in the front cover and connected with the piston at one end. A magnetic ring is also included. A groove is formed on the outer surface of the piston, and the magnetic ring is suitable. The device is arranged in the groove.

MAL series china air cylinder actuator are aluminium mini air cylinder actuator. The cylinder block of MAL adopts aluminium tube. The front and rear caps are connected with the cylinder block by threads. The piston seal adopts a special-shaped two-way sealing structure with compact size and oil storage function. The front cover is guided by self-lubricating bearing, which has good lubrication and guidance performance and various back cover forms, making the cylinder installation more convenient. The service pressure of the MAL complex cylinder is 0.1~1.0MPa.

MA series china air cylinder actuator are all magnetized type; there are many back cover types to choose, cylinder installation is convenient; there are adjustable cushion type and end cover plus anti-collision cushion type cushion cylinder can choose, which can reduce the reversing impact of cylinder, cushion smoothly; end cover and cylinder block are connected by riveting roll pack, tightening and reliable; Cylinder specifications and models are diverse, and models can be selected according to demand. There are many kinds of installation accessories, and there are many installation modes. The air cylinder actuator has small volume and is suitable for all kinds of narrow installation space.

The remarkable advantage of MA mini-cylinder is that stainless cylinder material is used as the most important part of the china air cylinder actuator, which makes the cylinder have good corrosion resistance and can not be corroded in some harsh environments to ensure the long-term normal use of machinery. Moreover, the stainless steel cylinder body has high strength, reliable fastness, wear resistance and durability.

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