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What is the use of a rodless cylinder?

Author : TAIXI Date : 2018-11-13 Views : 66

There is a doubt in the minds of people: what is the use of a rod less cylinder? Why do people say that OSP Rodless Cylinder is good? Where is it good? Next we will introduce the application of the rod less cylinder.

Cylinders are air cylinder actuators in pneumatic systems. It can be used for coordinate positioning of buses, trains, CNC machine tools, manipulators, transfer of centerless grinder accessories, feed device of modular machine tools, automatic line change, cloth cutting, electrostatic spraying, etc.

The OSP Rodless Cylinder refers to the cylinder which makes the piston follow the piston to achieve reciprocating motion by connecting the piston directly or indirectly with the external actuator. The advantage of this kind of cylinder is to save installation space, which can be divided into two types: magnetic coupling type (magnetic) and mechanical type.

Its working principle of air cylinder actuator is that a set of high-strength permanent magnet magnetic rings are installed on the piston, and the magnetic field lines pass through the thin-walled cylinder to function outside with another group of circles, because these two sets of circular magnetic forces have strong attraction. When the piston is driven by the air pressure in the cylinder, the magnetic ring sleeve outside the cylinder moves by magnetic force. The thrust of the cylinder piston must be compatible with the suction of the magnetic ring.

The OSP Rodless Cylinder has a wide range of applications, and its use environment and conditions are different, so its structure and shape are also different, and the classification and use methods are also varied. Next, I will explain the working principle of the rod less cylinder for you.

When the stroke of rodless cylinder is long, the piston rod is easy to bend with the piston rod. The piston rod cylinder is often used to solve this problem. Scope of application: Long travel and limited installation space, such as workpiece pushing, shifting, mechanism opening and closing, object lifting, material control, material transportation, etc. (acceptable customization)

The rodless air cylinder actuator is divided into four types: steel belt cylinder, rope cylinder, mechanical contact cylinder and magnetic coupling cylinder.

Instead of rigid piston rods in ordinary cylinders, they use pistons to connect external actuators directly or indirectly, and follow pistons to achieve reciprocating linear motion directly or indirectly.

The advantages of this kind of cylinder are: simple structure, saving space, especially for small bore long stroke.

In mechanical production, the installation and use of rod less cylinders are as follows:

1. The position of the top connecting pin of the piston rod of the piston rod of the piston rod should be consistent with the position of the installation shaft. Bracket clearance should be installed between the rear end, the two ears or the swing shaft.
2. After the cylinder is installed, 2-5 times the pressure should be used under no-load condition to check whether the cylinder button is abnormal.
3. Oil cylinder adjustment. For the speed of cylinder movement, the one-way throttle valve must be installed in the cylinder system. Usually the cylinder level is stable. When the first cylinder should be connected with the load, the output pressure of the pressure relief valve should be adjusted in the middle of the speed regulation range. When the speed of the cylinder is close, it can be determined that the set pressure can be adjusted by adjusting speed (one-way throttle valve).
4. Adopt adjustable buffer cylinder, open the buffer valve before operation, gradually increase damping until meet. When adjusting the buffer valve, the damping of the clockwise knob increases, and the damping of the counterclockwise knob decreases.